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Chain of restaurants «Bukhara-Group»

The idea of creating a network of «Bukhara-Group», a chain of restaurants in Bukhara, arose among the participants of the project long-restaurateurs, but to unite into one decided recently. And now we are glad to present you our new website, where you can virtually visit the world of restaurant art of Bukhara region. For this purpose we have tried to combine some of best restaurants to ease the search of our guests for a pleasant place to stay in during the whole trip into the ancient and picturesque Bukhara. Your trip will be more intense with us!

With the growing interest of tourists from different countries to the culture and historical values of our region, it is becoming necessary to create and implement a centralized and high-quality delivery of information and services to the guests of our country.

The design of all three institutions, which are presented on the company's website, made by hand by the best decorators of Uzbekistan.

Restaurants in Bukhara

Different in style and interior restaurants in Bukhara are united with one common goal - to show every guest visiting our restaurants, culture and identity of our ancient and rich of traditions region.

We are honored to invite you to enjoy the fiery show program with a historical elements, musical groups, show ballet, bright children's programs, theatrical fashion show, which are presented at every restaurant of the “Bukhara-Group”.

We are also glad to offer you a stunning menu, which includes the best selection of European and Oriental cuisine. Hot meals, wide range of salads for every taste and variety of sweet and delicious deserts are prepared by the best chiefs of our region in all of our restaurants in Bukhara.

Welcome to the chain of restaurants «Bukhara-Group»!